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6 Benefits of Leasing an Ice Maker

Wondering whether buying or leasing an ice maker is right for your business? Discover the benefits of leasing an ice maker with our guide.

Even if you don’t know it yet, having a commercial ice maker is a key to good business.

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Whether your business is in the restaurant or hospital industry, you need to make sure that your customers are completely satisfied. And good ice production makes a lot of difference for customer satisfaction.

But what if ice machines cost too much to purchase? What if maintenance/service costs are too unpredictable to budget for?

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If you’re in this boat, then you’ll want to lease your ice maker. Doing so can solve several budgeting and customer satisfaction problems.

So keep reading to learn about the benefits of leasing an ice maker, and afterward, you’ll be ready to find the model that’s perfect for your business!

1-Lower Starting Cost

While ice machines are undoubtedly convenient, they come with steep initial costs. When you’re just starting out with your business, you don’t always have the funds to make steep initial investments.

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For this reason, leasing an ice maker is a great option. Instead of paying hefty starting costs, you can have access to this utility without creating a huge hole in your budget.

Of course, you can always buy the ice machine later. Meanwhile, this option allows you to play it safe, especially during a time when you need many safety nets.

2-Maintenance Services

When considering the benefits of buying vs leasing an ice maker, think about whether you’re willing to learn some handyman skills. That’s because while there are many advantages of owning your own utilities, independence comes with its drawbacks.

One of these notable drawbacks is having to maintain the machine yourself. That, or you need to hire a third-party technician. While your machine might come with a warranty after purchase, what happens after your warranty expires?

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This is important, considering that maintenance is crucial for the machine’s longevity. But even if you’re willing to risk lack of maintenance, you could face regulatory fines or a shortened lifespan for doing so. Leasing an ice maker allows you to ease any anxieties about keeping a maintenance schedule or an in-house maintenance team.

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3-Built-In Service/Maintenance Costs

Worried about paying extra for all these mandated maintenance costs? Fear not, since service/maintenance fees are built into the rental costs.

This will incentivize you to take full advantage of the service’s mandated maintenance check-ups. But this doesn’t mean that this is the only way to get your money’s worth.

If you’re experiencing any service issues, you can call up your leasing company at no additional cost. That’s because service costs are also built into the leasing costs, making it a breeze to your budget and your staff to get your ice machine fixed.


If you’re searching for any leasing ice maker cons, a significant one users note is the length of their contracts. This is generally not a bad deal for most business owners, but some may want to leave their contract prematurely.

This isn’t very likely to happen unless there are specific and abnormal circumstances. But either way, it is possible for leasing companies to modify leasing plans according to business owners’ needs.

For example, if you end up needing a cheaper model, companies can deliver. In general, it’s possible to negotiate with companies for different conditions if you really need to.

5-Industry-Competitive Utilities

Don’t skimp on investing in the best commercial ice makers. Although buying a home ice maker machine might seem like a great single investment, it could be detrimental to your business.

There’s a reason why commercial ice machines exist. If you’re hit with a lot of drink orders and can’t provide enough ice on a hot, humid day, then customers are unlikely to come back. It’s also not an option to ask customers to wait while your comparably slow ice machine produces another batch of ice.

So if you’ve been thinking about cutting corners, understand that this isn’t one you want to make. While it may allow you to budget more freely in the short term, it could lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Since customer satisfaction is the primary factor of a business’s longevity, make room for a commercial ice machine in your budget. And again, leasing it will give you a perfect middle ground between using an ice machine and being modest with your finances.

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6-Regulation/Safety Adherence

As mentioned before, it’s important to abide by regulations. After all, it’s crucial for you to serve customers with all the necessary safety precautions.

By using a non-commercial ice machine, you risk using a utility that does not follow regulatory guidelines. This is mostly because commercial ice machines are specifically designed for commercial-grade sanitation.

So buying an ice machine that does an inferior job is hardly the answer to any problems you may foresee. In fact, not doing so can cause problems, specifically in form of a warning and hefty fines.

These machines also ensure that your ice remains cold. This isn’t only for the convenience of your guests and staff. When temperatures rise, the moisture levels within the machine also increase.

Increased moisture can create many problems, the most alarming being disease risk. That’s because excessive moisture, especially in dark enclosed spaces, can create mold and mildew.

Don’t Skimp Out, and Use a Commercial Ice Maker Instead

When it comes to your business, an ice machine is more important than you might initially think. This applies especially if you’re just starting your business! While a commercial ice machine might seem like an easy expense to skimp on, doing so can hurt your business in more ways than one.

That’s why at Ice Maker Depot, we provide utilities that produce a high volume of ice. This way, you’re abiding by a great business plan and local regulation. So if you’re interested, get a quote from us today!

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