10 Steps To Buying The Perfect Commercial Ice Maker

Ice Makers For Hotels

The perfect commercial ice maker can be a difficult find. There are many different factors that you will need to keep in mind when purchasing an ice maker for your business. Before you lease or buy an ice maker, make sure it meets the following criteria:

1-Size of the ice machine – commercial ice makers vary in size depending on the amount of output needed. You will want to purchase one that is sized appropriately for your company’s needs and space limitations.

2-Warranty – A warranty should always be considered before buying any appliance or equipment because it ensures peace of mind if something goes wrong with your purchase.

3-Price – Price may seem like a simple factor but it really does depend on what type of budget you have for this type of thing. Some commercial ice machines are very expensive and others may be much more affordable.

4-Ice consistency – You will want to make sure that the ice maker you choose produces a type of ice that is perfect for your needs. If you need soft, chewable ice then it’s best not to buy one with hard cubes because they won’t meet your company’s needs.

5-Service – Buying a commercial ice maker that is serviceable can save you time and money in the long run. Commercial machines typically need to be serviced every so often, depending on usage. The company selling the machine should offer regular maintenance for an affordable price while still honoring their warranty when something does happen with your purchase.

6-Energy efficiency – Energy efficiency is always a great thing to keep in mind when considering any purchase. Some ice makers can even save you money by using less electricity than others, depending on how much your company needs.

7-Location of the machine – It may seem like an obvious point but it’s important not to forget about where the commercial ice maker will be placed in your company. The size of the ice maker will need to be in proportion with the location where it’s placed which can change how much output is required, etc.

8-Insulation – A commercial ice maker may not produce enough or any noise but that doesn’t mean it isn’t producing a lot of cold air. If this type of machine is placed in an area where it will be exposed to a lot of heat, insulation is important so that the machine doesn’t over-cool or become too cold and break down.

9-Cleaning – Depending on how often your ice maker needs to produce new ice cubes for customers, you may need one with low-maintenance cleaning options like self-cleaning features or removable ice hoppers.

10-Ease of use – Whether you’re the one operating this machine or someone else, being able to easily access and operate it is important for a commercial product. You should be able to clean up any spills quickly as well because if there’s an issue with your purchase then you’ll want somebody on hand who can take care of it right away.

No matter what type of business you own, a commercial ice maker can help make things run smoothly without issue. Keep these 10 steps in mind before buying an ice maker for your company and you’ll have the perfect machine in no time.

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