Undercounter Ice Maker

With many undercounter ice makers on the market today, it’s difficult to say which one is the best. That said, there are plenty of sites out there that offer research into the best ranked ice makers. Search by size, price, industry or usage requirements.

When you need a balance of high volume and convenient storage, look no further than commercial undercounter ice makers.

Whether they’re really more refreshing or whether our brains trick us into thinking cold beverages are better is still part of a scientific debate.

Regardless of how important temperature is to beverages, most customers of commercial establishments want their beverages as cold as possible. If you’re not shopping for the best in commercial undercounter ice makers, you’re doing your customers a disservice.

Here is everything you need to know about these commercial ice maker machines.

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Undercounter Ice Machines For Business

With the wide variety of ice machines available for commercial use, mention “ice machine” in a room and everyone’s going to have a different image.

Undercounter ice machines are sometimes called “built-in” ice machines because they’re made to fit seamlessly into your hotel or restaurant kitchen set up. They benefit small kitchens and bars because they don’t take up a lot of space. Much like a dishwasher, they fit snugly right into your kitchen, under the counter.

Grocery, bars, and hotels that go through a lot of ice at a quick rate integrate these easily into their existing space. Offices and churches where people gather for any reason find they need undercounter ice makers too. Wherever ice is in high demand, an ice machine is necessary.

For any high volume commercial setting, an undercounter ice machine solves problems without having to compromise. While space is often an issue, with one of these, it’s not at all.

Undercounter Nugget Ice MakersUndercounter Nugget Ice Makers

All ice machines are not created equally. Every type of business and customer has their own preferred type of ice, and every machine makes its own type of ice or a limited selection of ice.

If you’re in pursuit of nugget ice, you need to find the right kind of machine for you. Not every machine specializes in this. There are even die-hard fans for this kind of nugget or “Sonic ice”.

If you want to set yourself apart from other establishments, get a machine that creates nugget ice. It’ll keep your liquids cold and cool them down faster.

How Much Do Commercial Under-counter Ice Makers Cost?

Commercial Undercounter Ice MachineEvery undercounter ice machine is different, and one of the most important things to determine price is your volume. High volume nugget ice machines need to constantly produce ice without fail. Lower volume commercial ice machines can go for a few hundred dollars, but if you want the best, prepare to spend $2,800 or more.

You need your ice machine to keep chugging out ice without fail. Spending $500 on a machine can means that you’ll be looking forward to repairs if your place gets busy. The more demand there is for ice on your machine, the more likely it’ll fail if it’s not up to the task.

Size and capacity make a big difference, as do the extra features it comes with. There are ice machines that include a water filter, ensuring you have crisp and clean tasting ice. If your machine has to make nugget ice, it’ll cost a little more as well, since it takes a little more engineering to create nugget ice correctly.

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Outdoor Undercounter Ice Machines

While most undercounter ice makers are designed to be permanently placed in kitchens, there are some that are designed to be kept outside. Not every model is created for outdoor use, so ensure yours has the specifications to endure the weather.

For patio bars, you’re going to need ice. One of the key features of a patio is sun and heat. That makes your ice machine work extra hard, so make sure you don’t skimp on quality.

Choose a durable model that’s made for outdoor use. Even in extreme weather, a well-built ice machine stands up, producing flawless ice, even as the mercury climbs.

Top Rated Commercial Undercounter Ice Machines

There are a lot of great performers in the world of ice makers. Some of them are built for high volume, while others are built for quality. The best among them hit the mark for both of these things.

Some of the most consistently high performing ice machines for undercounter use are made by Hoshizaki. Fans of this company are loyal and buy their products for all of their frozen or ice-related needs. Their products last a long time and provide years of use with little need for repairs and maintenance.

Another great company making undercounter ice machines is Ice-O-Matic undercounter ice machines. They’ve been in the ice game for decades and make some of the most popular nugget ice machines loved by hotels and restaurants around the world. They specialize in machines for commercial use, so rest assured that their machines use high-quality components and are hand-crafted.

Companies all over trust Koldfront undercounter ice makers for their portable, durable, and modular ice makers that are perfectly built for undercounter usage. They specialize in high-grade, clean, and consistent ice, with some of the quietest machines around. For a high-end restaurant, patio, or vacation spot, Koldfront machines are solid and reliable.

Commercial Undercounter Ice Makers Make a Big Difference

No matter what you do in the food and beverage industry, you know how people feel about the perfect drink at the perfect temperature. Hand someone a warm beer or a slightly cooled coffee and you’ll find mild-mannered people up in arms. No matter what your business is, commercial undercounter ice makers give you the flexibility you need while keeping customers happy.

For more information on commercial ice machines, check out our latest guide.

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