Ice Machine Lease

Ice Machine LeaseAn ice machine lease works in much the same way as a vehicle lease. You pay a much lower monthly payment than if you were to purchase, then at the end of the term you have the option to buy. There are many benefits to leasing.

First, this is a good way to try out a particular machine to see if you like it before making the big investment to purchase it. Second, the payments are smaller each month, freeing up cash you can put back into your business.

Our ice machine lease program is the best because we have top of the line equipment at an affordable price. Our ice machines can fit any industry you’re in, including manufacturing and industrial, medical facilities, offices, schools/colleges, retail locations, hotels/motels/inns/resorts, restaurants/bars, and gyms/health clubs/spas. They can also serve anywhere from one person to more than 150 a day.

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