Ice Vending Machine CostWhen shopping around for ice vending machines, you may be concerned with cost. After all, what you pay will affect your bottom line. Ice vending machine costs vary widely depending on the size, type, and model you are looking for. Other considerations include capacity: we have machines that serve anywhere from one person to more than 150 people a day.

Price will also vary with the industry you’re looking to cater to, such as medical facilities, offices, schools/colleges, retail locations, hotels/motels/inns/resorts, restaurants/bars, and gyms/health clubs/spas.

Small ice vending machines may cost only a few hundred dollars, while heavy-duty commercial vending machines may cost several thousand dollars. You won’t know until you shop around. As part of your research, request a custom quote below to learn what your ice vending machine cost would be.

It’s more affordable than you assume!