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Compare prices on ice machines for hotels and save as much as 25%. Free delivery and a wide selection of brands to chose from. Hotel ice makers cost between $1,700 – $3,800 – how much will you save?

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Hotel Ice MachineHotel Ice Machine Pricing Guide

  • How much do hotel ice machines cost?
  • Can I compare the prices of top ice makers for hotels?
  • Can I get a quality Ice machine for under $2,000?
  • Are there any other costs, like delivery, installation, etc.?
  • How much do the best ice makers for hotels cost?

Pricing On All Types of Ice Makers

  • Hotel lobbies
  • Hotel Catering
  • Ice Machines For The Office
  • Hotel Ice Dispensers
  • Counter Top, Undercounter
  • Cubed, Shaved, Nugget, Flake, Crushed
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Types of Hotel Ice Makers – Compare Price and Save

Types of Hotel Ice Machines

For hotel guests, ice is a common need and needs to be accessible. Ice dispensers are built for bucket filling by your hotel guests seeking easy access to your machines. Guests expect to find ice machines on every floor of the hotel, and we help you get the best price on ice machines. Great brands, new  and used, such as:

  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Hoshizaki
  • Kold-Draft
  • Little Giant
  • Scotsman
  • Follett
  • Manitowoc

Bin capacity ranging from 120 lbs to 250 lbs. Over 400 serving vessels for cups or buckets make it easy to get to the best ice machine for your hotel.

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Hotel Ice Machines – Buying Guide

While we may think of a food’s temperature as a frivolous or secondary element to its contents, the temperature actually impacts the way things taste. If your hotel guests want to enjoy a celebratory drink in their rooms, you need to provide them with ice to ensure their celebration tastes the way they imagined. Hotel ice machines are a small convenience that goes a long way in the world of vacation and leisure.

Here are four things to consider when shopping for ice machines.

What Type of Ice Maker Does Your Hotel Need?

Hotel Ice MachinesWhen considering an ice machine for your hotel, start by figuring out which type of machine you need. There are several types that not only create different types of ice but have different capabilities. Knowledge is power when shopping for your hotel ice machine.

If you just need to create a large amount of ice that to be dug out of a bin, then a modular ice machine fits your hotel’s needs. These machines sit on top of a bit and offer the ability to be modified based on your needs. When you choose one of these machines, you decide exactly how much ice you’re looking to produce and how much you’re looking to store.

Modular machines are typically for your staff. Because there’s a lot of reaching into the bin, this is for a staff-manned kind of ice situation.

The other type that many hotel owners think of when considering a machine is the dispenser-type ice machine. When you want to have a machine-accessible to your residents or visitors at any hour of the day, this is the best kind of machine to buy. They’re designed to allow dozens or hundreds of people to get the ice they need without spreading any germs or contaminating ice.

These dispensers often have a commercial ice machine built into the machine. However, there are some that don’t have an ice machine built-in. You’ll need to purchase a separate ice machine in this case, increasing the price considerably.

There is some regular user-required maintenance to keep these machines clean. Follow instructions to ensure that your machine is in good order at all times.

Think About Ice Type – Cubes, Chips, Nugget, Crushed

Within all of these machines is a world of variation of ice type. Depending on what kind of hotel you run, different types of ice may be in demand. Ice types are not only for visual appeal but also provide some utility.

Ice chips or smaller cubes dissolve faster and could lead to drinks becoming watered down. However, when trying to fill a bucket then lodge a bottle of champagne in, large cubes get in the way. If your guests want crushed ice, be sure you know how to serve them.

Giving your customers options is your best bet. If your machine offers chips and cubes, you’ll get the best of both worlds and keep customers happy.

Get to know the types of ice that your machine dispenses before you invest. It may seem frivolous but could make a big difference to your customers in the end.

How Much Ice Will The Hotel Produce Per Hour

While it’s hard to know how much ice you need if you’re just opening your hotel, there are a few simple ways to estimate it. Large hotel chains can simply call u to a corporate office for estimates. However, if you’re running a franchise or an independent hotel, the answer could remain a mystery.

If you have colleagues in the industry, ask around. They may be able to give you a useful estimate based on the size of your hotel or how many rooms you have.

Essentially, calculate that each room in your hotel may need a bucket of ice. If this is the case, your machine, or group of machines, must be available to service this volume of ice without hitting its limits.

Once you’ve decided on your volume, oversize your machine by ordering up one size. This ensures that a busy weekend or holiday like Valentine’s Day won’t put your machines in turmoil. You can’t afford to have your machines go down or else you’ll be up to get a negative review.

In an industry where reviews mean everything, ensure that you give everyone the service they demand with ice machines that won’t fail you.

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Hotel Ice Maker Maintenance

Buying a used machine or a machine from a company you don’t know much about is a dangerous proposition. Ice machine maintenance must be easy for you to handle as an owner and parts should be readily available if you need to call a professional.

The best way to ensure that your ice machine lasts for years to come is to ensure that your machine always gets clean water. The cleaner the water is for your machine, the healthier your guests and your machine will stay for years to come. Water with many impurities or that puts a lot of strain on your filters requires your machine to work harder.

A water filter ensures that your machine doesn’t get gunked up with scale and lime. This ensures a reliable water flow, keeping the freeze cycle in check. When your filters take out the chloramine, they also take out the elements that cause your ice to taste bad.

This decreases the number of service calls you’ll make and ensure that there are few complaints about your machine. Your filtration system is your first line of defense when it comes to ensuring a long life for your machine.

Hotel Ice Machines Impact Satisfaction

Hotel ice machines might be an afterthought when considering hotel accommodations, but they’ll still factor into guest satisfaction. By considering the right machine to serve your guests, you ensure that they have all of the accommodations of home and more.

For more information on how this investment improves your hotel, check out our latest guide.