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5 Compelling Reasons to Rent a Commercial Ice Machine

Did you know that the market for commercial ice machines is not only very much on the rise, but also expected to be worth over $4.39 billion within the decade? Even outside of businesses like restaurants and fast-food chains, the demand for ice makers seems only to be going up.

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Despite growing demand, one’s need for a commercial ice machine can nonetheless fluctuate, as can one’s means to afford one. Are you wondering whether you should buy or rent an ice machine for your commercial property? If so, this brief guide will break down five key reasons why renting is the better option.

1. Lower Initial Cost

Though affordable ice machines are indeed available for purchase, buying one can often be more expensive than most people can afford to shell out for when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment. Most often, prices range in the thousands of dollars, not to mention any additional attachments the machine may need.

When you rent a commercial ice machine, your initial costs will be far lower, allowing you to enjoy all the machine’s benefits without allocating too much of your budget toward it.

2. Free Service and Maintenance

Like all machines, even a brand new ice machine will inevitably require some maintenance and fixes. Unfortunately, when you buy a commercial ice machine, these costs become your responsibility to manage. With many property owner’s busy schedules, such problems can pose an unwelcome inconvenience.

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However, when you rent, potential service and maintenance come included in the rental fees, making all costs more manageable.

3. Ice Machine Broke Down? No Sweat

In the unlikely but always possible event of a complete breakdown of an ice machine, a rented ice machine means you don’t run the risk of eating the cost. Instead, just as service and maintenance are included, your ice machine can just as easily be replaced if a hardware issue leaves it unrepairable.

4. No Long-term Commitment

As with any expense, you may have some initial concerns as to the long-term viability of a commercial ice machine on your property. If so, renting leaves you all the leeway to enjoy its benefits while also weighing its potential value as an acquisition. If for any reason, you don’t feel as though you’re getting the amount of use out of it that you imagined, you can always feel free to stop renting and return the machine.

5. An Easy Way Toward Health Benefits

Because it is easier on both your wallet and your schedule, renting an ice machine can offer you an even more convenient path toward enjoying its health benefits. Readily available ice encourages hydration, which will not only help you more healthily and attentively power through the day, but also leave your body in better shape.

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Once you try out a rental, you may never want to go back!

Don’t Wait to See What an Ice Machine Can Do for You!

When it comes to the perks of a commercial ice machine at your property, there’s no reason to wait and no harm in looking!

Contact us and request a quote today to find just the right ice machine for you!

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