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6 Tips on Choosing Commercial Ice Machines for Hotels

Find the right ice maker for your hotel requires knowing your options. Here are actionable tips on choosing commercial ice machines for hotels.

Are you one of the USA’s 91,00 hotels? Does your busy bar and restaurant have a constant stream of guests who need ice in their drinks?

Ice delivery services just don’t cut it. They are often overpriced, and it is hard to predict when you will need a delivery. The best way to keep a constant supply of ice in your hotel is with an ice machine.

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But there are so many different types of commercial ice machines. Where to start? Don’t worry; we have you covered.

Check out our six top tips to help you choose the perfect ice machine for your business.

1. How Much Ice Does Your Business Need?

Depending on the size of the hotel, you can get through hundreds of pounds of ice in a day. Do you offer all-inclusive packages? Will customers be eating and drinking all day long at the hotel?

Try to estimate how much ice is consumed per guest. Then multiply that by your average occupancy rate. Do you use ice for food displays at buffets? You will need to factor in all these elements when calculating your ice requirements.

Cubed Ice

There’s nothing worse than choosing a machine that can’t keep up with your business’ demand for ice. Maybe two ice machines are better than one, so they can work in tandem.

2. Size of Your Ice Machine

Once you have established how much ice you require, you can choose the size of your ice machine. Think about where the ice machine will be located. Will it be in a storage room or under the bar?

Ice machine sizes vary, so make sure you select one with the suitable capacity for your business.

3. What Is the Shape of the Ice?

Another critical factor in assessing is what type of ice your hotel requires is knowing the kind of ice you need.

Ice maker providers offer three main types of ice; cube, nugget, and flake ice. If you need ice for drinks, then a machine that produces cube ice will be best for you.

4. Efficiency of Commercial Ice Machines

The speed at which commercial machines can produce ice varies greatly. Which climate is your business based in? The warmer the climate, the harder it is for machines to produce ice.

If you are in a hotter climate, it is also more likely you will have a higher demand for iced drinks. Select a machine that has the efficiency to keep up with your need for ice.

5. What Drainage Do You Need?

Ice machine drainage is another essential aspect to consider. Your machine will need to be attached to a cold water supply, as well as requiring a floor drain.

Check the ice maker features before purchasing to ensure the machine is suitable for your property.

6. Do You Need a Water Filter?

Hard water is detrimental to the longevity of your ice machine. Check if you should install a water filter so that the limescale build-up does not damage your device. Don’t forget regular cleaning and maintenance are also crucial for your machine to last.

Talk to the Experts

Once you know the specifications of different commercial ice machines, you can decide on the one right for your business.

You can start comparing ice machine costs to see which machines with your requirements fit your budget.

If you are still stuck on which brand of ice machine will work best for your purposes, why not get some expert advice? Get in touch; we will give you knowledgeable advice and a quote for your new ice machine.

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