The Best Commercial Ice Maker for Hotels

Hotel Ice MachineFrom the hall ways to the bar or restaurant, here are the best ice makes for hotels.

If you own a hotel, you need to ensure you have plenty of ice for guests. If you’re looking for the best commercial ice maker, here are our recommendations.

That the number of guests in your hotel will increase over the summer period.

With the rising temperatures, your guest will require ice in their drinks. Rarely you will find a guest which will say no to a nice cold beverage.

To solve the problem of ice deficiency in hotels, several companies have introduced ice maker machines for commercial use. These commercial ice maker will produce the required quantity in minutes so you can avoid the dissatisfaction of your guests because of a cold cube.

Here is a reliable guide which will assist you in buying the best commercial ice maker for your hotel.

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How to Buy a Commercial Ice Maker?

Supplying fresh ice is essential to maintain the health and satisfaction of your guests. As every commercial ice machine have their own configuration and style, you have to choose the one which will fulfill the demand for ice in your hotel the most.

Here some of the ways you should consider to buy the best commercial ice machine for your hotel.

There are four types of ice makers in the world of commerce.

The modular ice maker can produce up to 1000 lbs in one day. You will require a separate unit to store the ice produce by modular ice making machine. On the other hand, under counter ice machines are ideal to fit into small places such as small bars and cafes.

Countertop ice maker will make it easy for your employees to access the machine while ice machines with water dispensers are ideal for cafeterias.

Ice machines have the ability to produce ice in various shape and sizes. Some will produce ice cubes which do not melt easily while others will produce flake ice which is easier to chew.

Besides, nugget ice is not only easily chewable but won’t melt because of a few rays of sunlight. Check out the standards set by the government regarding automatic ice makers.

Solar-powered ice makers are being experimented to make ice making machine more energy efficient. After learning about the properties of ice machines, let us move on to list of the reliable ice maker.

Here are some of our recommendations.

1. Scotsman HID312A-1 Meridian Commercial Ice Maker

Scotsman HID312A-1 Meridian Countertop Commercial Ice MakerScotsman HID312A-1 Meridian has been designed to be utilized for a longer period of time. We know that some employees tend to be rough on machines.

To avoid the circumstances in which your thousands of dollars going down the drain because of a few rough hands, we have introduced durable stainless steel evaporator and sturdy exterior panels.

The compact size of the ice maker allows you to fix it on smaller countertops. The design of the contoured sides makes it take less space in tight places. Small in size does not mean that it does not have ample storage capacity. It has the ability to produce 200lbs per day while it can store more than 12lbs of ice.

Before constructing the ice maker, we kept the health factor in mind. To avoid cross-contamination, we have removed the scooping option from the machine and allowed ice to be directly dispensed into the cup.

Furthermore, AgION antimicrobial treatment prevents the growth of bacteria in the ice machine.

No one likes a machine which makes a ruckus all the time. Scotsman HID312A-1 Meridian will do its work quietly on the counter without disturbing your employees and guests. Besides, the ice maker does not create any fuss when the cleaning procedure starts.

The sink can easily be removed while grill attaches with dispensing area makes it easy to reach every corner of the dispenser. The ice maker also acts as a water dispenser.

2. Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

Ice Maker for HotelsHoshizaki DCM-270BAH can easily be installed on the hotel’s bar countertop so your employees can deliver drink orders to their guest in no time. Have the ability to produce 282 lbs in a day, Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH is ideal for small hotels.

It can produce nugget ice cubes which can be chewed easily and can stay in shape in the ice maker’s 8.8 lbs storage for an extended period of time.

Sanitation of equipment is considered to be its top priority. To remove impurities from water, the CleanCycle feature takes 15 minutes to automatically eliminate pollutants from the water after every 12 hours.

Furthermore, H-Guard Plus antimicrobial agent makes it safe for you to consume ice and water produced by the ice maker. The removable filters make it easy for you to maintain sanitation standards of ice making machine.

You will not need to replace the ice maker anytime soon due to its durable stainless steel exterior. Managing a water source for the ice maker is not an easy task.

That is why Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH has been introduced with Air cooled compressor. Consequently, you don’t need to add water costs in your limited budget for the hotel. Get ready to cool down the drink for your guests while utilizing the ice produced by the machine.

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3. Igloo ICE103

For outdoor events near the pool or the hotel gardens, portable ice makers are ideal. They can be transported anywhere and does not require much space. Easy to carry Igloo ICE103 is one of the popular ice makers in the market as it does not require extensive knowledge of engineering and plumbing to set it up.

It not just another bulk of steel placed on the countertop. The sleek design of the icemaker will surely make it stand out and will associate professionalism with your hotel.

You can easily shift the machine around your hotel as it only weighs 25 pounds. The stout rubber stands provide a firm grip to icemaker on any surface you put it on.

The portable device is ideal for producing ice quickly. It only needs only six minutes to produce the required amount of ice to make drinks for your guests. Moreover, its oversized bucket can store 2.2lbs of ice which further increase the speed of your service.

Igloo Ice103 can let you experiment with the appearance of the drink. You have the option of choosing the size of the ice from three different options. Furthermore, you can also select the shape of the ice cubes by clicking some buttons on the control panel.

The control panel can be used by anyone as it doesn’t include any complexity. You do not need a complex manual to operate the machine.

The portable ice maker requires water to make ice. It comes with a water reservoir which has the capacity to store 0.8 gallons of water so you do not have to fill every time you need to make some ice.

A side-mounted drain valve will remove all the access water present inside the machine.

4. Scotsman C0530SA-1 Prodigy Series

Hotel Ice MachineScotsman know how to introduce latest technology ice machines in their product. Their prodigy series comes with features which you can only dream about. Being a modular installation type, the ice making machine comes with stackable units.  Furthermore, its daily ice production is equal to 525 lbs.

The dimensions of ices cubes are equivalent to 7/8″ x 7/8″ x 3/8″. In other words, Scotsman C0530SA-1 is perfect for hotels who have a higher number of guests. It can be relied upon to produce ice all day long. Moreover, to produce 100 lbs of ice it needs only 18 gallons of water.

The ice maker is one of the most energy-efficient product as it only needs 115 volts to operate. You don’t have to guess whether the ice maker requires maintenance or not.

An external light will indicate whether it requires descaling, sanitizing and other maintenance procedures. The cleaning process has been made easy due to its removable panels.

These panels will allow you to access the deepest parts of the machine. You don’t need to waste your saving on filters as the filters installed in this product are reusable. They only need a few strokes from dry cloth and they will be as good as new.

What You Should Consider?

We have given you the list of best ice machine we could find in the market. Before turning on the commercial ice maker, you should certain factors beforehand.

Ensure that there are proper water and power supply available in your hotel. Without water and electricity, there is no chance that the ice maker will be able to operate properly.

Also, make sure that there is proper ventilation available in the area where you place the product. Machinery place in the kitchen with high temperature will fail to perform. Another thing to keep in mind is to check the temperature of the water.

Warm water will require more time and energy to be converted into ice. Click to receive a quote on the ice making machine. If you don’t have the budget then just rent one out for the summer period.

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