What are the Best Ice Makers of 2020?

If you are looking for a new commercial ice maker for your business, then you need to know about your options. Here are the best ice makers to choose from in 2020.

Whether it’s an iced latte, a cocktail, or you just need to keep something cold, we all need ice. For many businesses, like hotels and restaurants, ice is a moneymaker.

And that’s why running out of ice or dealing with a faulty ice machine isn’t an option.

The following list gives you the best ice makers for restaurants and hotels in 2020. It will outline the specific perks of each model so that you can match an ice machine to your needs. You’ll never be caught without ice again.

1. NewAir 50 Lb. Portable Ice Maker

One of the best ice makers for 2020 is the NewAir 50 lb. Portable Ice Maker. This ice maker is great because it generates ice quickly and easily without taking up much space. Plus it generates ice without making much sound.

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Perhaps the best thing about this ice machine is that it has a self-cleaning function. No more scrubbing ice makers by hand.

NewAir 50 Lb. Portable Ice Maker

2. Vremi VRM010636N

This compact ice maker generates bullet-shaped ice. A lot of bartenders and restaurants love this aspect of the Vremi.

It only weighs 21 lbs, so it is easily transportable. It also can sense when it’s full and will stop making ice automatically.

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This machine is great for relatively small outputs, but quick, efficient ice.

Vremi VRM010636N

3. GE Opal Countertop

This countertop model stands out because of its compact size. No longer will you have to wonder where to fit a bulky ice machine.

This ice machine is small and portable and produces pebble ice. This type of ice is great for commercial use.

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The GE Opal Countertop can produce ice quickly and efficiently, making it great for event purposes.

But perhaps the best part about this ice maker is that it has a Bluetooth function that you can control from your phone. Your ice maker became a high tech experience.

GE Opal Countertop

4. Kold Draft Free Standing Ice Maker

This ice machine is recommended for bars and restaurants.

It can store 26.5 lbs of ice at a time, making up to 59 lbs of ice per day. It has a self-cleaning function, which makes maintenance very easy.

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But this ice maker also stands out because of its adjustable settings. You can adjust ice thickness right where you want it.

Kold Draft Free Standing Ice Maker

5. Ice-O-Matic 238 lbs

This ice machine is a top pick for grocery and convenience stores. This is because you’ll never have to wait for ice to be made. It can generate up to 200 lbs of ice per day, so you’ll always have some ready to go.

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This is a bigger ice machine, so you’ll need a clear space for it. That’s being said, its size is also one of its biggest advantages. This is definitely a high production machine.

For more recommendations on ice makers for convenience stores, read this article.

Ice-O-Matic 238 lbs

The Best Ice Makers For You

Though everyone’s specific ice needs may be different, a good ice maker is essential.

No more clunky ice machines that are hard to clean and hard to fix. Get started on finding the best ice makers for your needs today!

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