Find the Right Hotel Ice Machine: Comparing the 3 Types

hotel ice machine

In the hospitality industry, the right amenities can make a massive difference to the guest experience. A hotel ice machine is one such amenity, so it is important to choose the best one for your guests’ needs.

Hotel ice makers can provide the commercial value of a larger ice maker for an entire floor of guests. They can also be made compact for single-serve use in individual rooms. You can even customize the types of cubes you hope to output.


Use this guide to help find the perfect commercial ice machines for your hotel. There are three types of hotel ice machines to choose from that offer unique benefits and advantages.

Things to Consider

Ice machines aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation. What sort of things are important to consider in order to choose the right hotel ice machine?


Keeping ice cool and producing enough ice output for the clientele are two of the most essential functions of a hotel ice machine. You ice machine needs to serve its main purpose.

Ice Shape

You’ll also want to think about the ice shape you hope to serve to guests. Whether you opt for standard cubes or elegant crescent ice, there are endless options to choose from, including:

  • Full cube
  • Half cube
  • Nugget
  • Flaked/shaved/crushed
  • Gourmet

Ice Makers For Hotels

The 3 Top Commercial Ice Machines for Hotels

There are a number of options to choose from. Which of these high-end units is the best fit for your commercial hotel location?

1. Modular Ice Machine

These high-output ice machines are flexible and versatile for use in many different areas of the hotel. The modular nature of these units means you can select the bin and the top individually, providing additional advantages.

Different Ice Types

These machines carry all kinds of ice. This includes cubed ice, flakes, and nugget ice.

Massive Ice Output

Did you know that modular units can put out as much as one thousand pounds of ice each day? This suits the needs of the potentially hundreds of hotel guests waiting for cold beverages across a large hotel property.

2. Under Counter Ice Machine

Under-counter ice machines are the perfect solution for bartenders, concierges, and busy hotel staff. They offer a number of benefits.

Compact for Easy Access

It is a smaller unit than other more bulky varieties and can fit neatly into any server staff station. It is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the staff-operated kitchen or bar machinery, fitting easily under the counter for quick access when a customer requires ice.

Impressive Ice Output

Did you know that under-counter ice machines can produce a wide range of types and quantities of cubes?

Some units can produce up to 200 pounds of ice for the clientele, but others are more strategically set to produce just a few dozen ice cubes for singular use. Be sure to purchase and calibrate according to the volume needs of the hotel.

You can get machines that produce gourmet, shaped ice cubes for cocktails, or one that produces bulk ice for smoothies. Whatever you require, these machines can cater to your needs.

3. Countertop Ice Machine

Imagine the benefits of a massive ice maker without occupying the same floor space. A countertop ice machine provides the advantages of a high-output machine and often includes other features such as water dispensing.

These machines are ideal for self-serve areas and are user-friendly for clients to operate without breaking.

Compact and Convenient

These machines fit easily on a coffee stand or in a cramped dining area. They don’t make a ton of noise or take up more space than any other beverage dispenser.


Many countertop ice machines also dispense water. Some dispense multiple types of ice: shaved and nugget. This dual-function also helps to save on counter space, making it that much more compact and convenient.


Choosing a Compressor

Once you’ve selected the unit you hope to install at your hotel property, choosing a compressor is next. This is an essential step that requires knowledge of the different types of compressors and how they can each suit your needs differently.

Be sure to know the energy regulations that surround commercial ice makers. Your compressor will have a significant impact on your energy usage.

There are three different types of compressors that are commonly used in ice machines. These are:

  • Air-cooled compressor
  • Water-cooled compressor
  • Remote-cooled compressor

Air-cooled compressors are great for the environment and for your energy bill. They are affordable to purchase and operate, but have a few distinct disadvantages. One major disadvantage is the noise, and another is the temperature. These units make a great deal of noise and can heat up quickly, making it hotter in the room.

Water-cooled compressors require the use of more water, making them a little less environmentally friendly and a little more expensive on your energy bill. Despite this, they don’t overheat like the air-cooled compressors do. They are also quieter, which is better for the experience of the hotel guests.

Remote-cooled compressors can be used for massive ice machines with huge outputs. These compressors require intricate professional installation but can provide benefits like better efficiency and less noise.

High-Quality Hotel Ice Makers You Can Depend On

A hotel may have many different needs for ice machines depending on where they hope to place the units. Whether you are looking for a bar ice maker, a self-serve breakfast station dispenser, or a modular unit to serve an entire floor, you can find what you need in this ever-expanding market.

You don’t have to settle when you can find machines to your exact specifications including ice output, size, and even ice type.

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