Ice Machines For Convenience Stores

Best Ice Makers for Convenience Stores

Are you shopping for ice makers? These are the ice machines that are especially suited to commercial use in convenience stores.

No refreshing drink is complete without one thing.

It isn’t the fancy straw or nice cup that does it. No, it isn’t the bubbles or flavor. It’s the ice.

You can’t have a refreshing drink without some ice. Ice turns a regular glass of fresh lemonade or soda pop into an absolute treat. If you’re going to please customers, make sure to have the perfect ice machine in your convenience store.

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Types of Ice Makers

Crushed Ice MakersBefore you spend a chunk of change on some ice makers, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and what your business needs.

First off, you want to decide what type of ice you’re wanting. Your typical options include cubed, nugget, or flake ice. You didn’t think there were so many kinds of ice, right?

Cubed ice is your most popular and great for things like serving drinks! Nugget ice is going to be softer, easier to chew, and better for adding texture to any drink. Flake ice is best for packing meat and groceries.

After you think about the ice type, think about the placement of your ice maker. You have under the counter or countertop options. You can also invest in a huge ice machine to have in a back room.

As far as compressor type, you have several options. You can look into air-cooled, water-cooled, or remote-cooled. When selecting this option, make sure to think about space, temperature, and ventilation.

No matter what options you go with, always make sure to consider things like water drains, water supply, power supply, and space available. Your city might have certain codes to follow so check up on those!

The last thing to note when looking at ice makers is don’t sweat over the price. While they can be pricey, ice machine investments are crucial to a convenience store’s success.

Ice-O-Matic 238lbs.

Ice-O-Matic 238lbsIt’s as cool as it sounds. The Ice-O-Matic is one of the best ice makers on the market.

This machine can produce over 200lbs. of ice in 24 hours. This is any store’s dream because you won’t have to wait around for new ice when you need a quick refill or something to pack new produce in on the shelf.

The Ice-O-Matic is ideal for large businesses with high demand. If you have large amounts of people coming through daily, this is what you want. Not to mention, it’s extremely high quality.

Since it is so large, you need to first check you have the room for it. This isn’t a machine just to toss under the counter.

Vevor 110V Commercial Ice Maker

Vevor 110V Ice MakerYou’ll be amazed when you see how much ice this machine can produce in such a short amount of time. With this machine, you’ll be the best spot in town for a refreshing sip!

In just 24 hours, this machine can produce over 400lbs. of ice. It’s perfect for non-stop business and high traffic. Because it produces so much and refills so quickly, you’ll never have to leave someone waiting.

Not only do you get a ton of ice, but you also get some cool accessories with it. You’ll have a panel to control things like temperature, ice cube thickness, and auto-clean mode.

The best part is it comes with a filter and blue light to keep the ice clean. Any investment in cleanliness is a good investment.

Costzon Ice Maker 110lbs.

Costzon Ice MakerThis highly-rated ice maker will save you from stress with its efficiency and convenience. It produces over 40 ice cubes every cycle.

When deciding where your Costzon maker will go, you’ll be relieved to find out it can stand freely on its own, or it can be placed under a countertop. It even has adjustable feet on the bottom to keep away from a wet floor.

Costzon also guarantees it’s great for saving energy! A top-notch compressor will keep it cool, and it uses almost all of the water. There will hardly be any waste!

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Sentern Countertop Ice Maker 48lbs.

Sentern Countertop Ice MakerIf you’re looking for something reliable to place on top of your counters, this is the ice maker for you. It’s great for slower traffic or smaller businesses. However, don’t underestimate it.

This little guy produces 48lbs. of ice per day. It produces cubes that are clear and dense. Your customers won’t be complaining about how quickly their ice is melting.

Not only does it impress, but it also dresses to impress. This product is stainless steel and will look great on any counter. Your customers will be impressed.

Manitowoc 530lbs.

Manitowoc Ice MachineWith this machine, it’ll seem nearly impossible to run out of ice for the day. It’s a beast of a machine that can produce 530lbs. of ice in just one day.

You’ll only want to invest in this machine if your store can handle it. This isn’t suggested for a local smoothie shop or tiny store. It’s for big businesses and big businesses that want to grow even more.

What Else?

Along with your ice machine, you’ll want to purchase some extra things to keep the business running smoothly.

Make sure to grab filters and cleaners. A huge fear of any business is being under inspection for any sort of nasty mess or cleanliness violation. Keep things in top shape, and don’t allow any opportunity for bacteria to settle in the ice maker.

You’ll also want to grab a bin for the ice. This will hold your ice until it’s ready to be used!

These are the Best Ice Makers for Convenience Stores

Choosing ice makers for your business can be tricky, but there’s plenty of help above to read. Investing in an ice maker seems daunting at first but will pay off in no time.

Before grabbing your ice maker, make sure you properly evaluate the space you have available and what your needs are as a store. After you pick out your ice maker, don’t forget to grab cleaners and filters to keep things fresh.

If you’re in need of your own ice maker, make sure you check out our site and request a quote.

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