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Having a constant supply of ice is vital in the hospitality sector and having the right ice machine will help. Here’s how you can buy Ice O Matic ice makers.

Ice-O-Matic ice makers have been around for decades and are staples in the hotel and hospitality sectors. Producing top quality commercial-grade ice makers has been Ice-O-Matic’s aim and they consistently deliver homerun products.

Today we’ll go over some of the reasons this line of ice makers is worth your attention. You’ll learn how they can help your business and satisfy your customers, all while keeping your wallet from hurting.

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What Can Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers Do For You?

Ice-O-Matic makes a variety of models suited to a variety of commercial needs. Our general recommendation is to buy a countertop model. These models tend to be high capacity, easy to use, and function well for both employee and customer use.

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To keep things simple, we will highlight one of Ice-O-Matic’s top commercial models and what it can do.

Ice-O-Matic Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

The Ice-O-Matic Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is one of the best models of its kind. Perfect for bars and hotels who need to cater to large amounts of customers each day, this model can produce nearly 300 pounds of nugget (also called pearl) ice a day.

Ice O Matic CIM1446FA B110PS 1560 lb Full Cube Ice Maker

It does this quickly, quietly, and efficiently. Don’t be deceived by its small package either. A great deal of design work has gone into making sure this ice maker deserves its seat as a top tier commercial grade Ice-O-Matic product.

Nugget/pearl ice is considered by many mixologists as the best choice of ice for a variety of drinks. If you’re aiming for your drinks to be the best they can be, you’ll likely want to consider an option like this one. The short of it is that pearl ice melts slower than traditional cubed ice, meaning a drink is diluted much slower.

It has a lighted keypad that makes selecting your desired option simple, with LED-backed buttons clearly depicting their function. The machine features an ice maker, ice water, and pitcher mode and is easily used by both staff and guests as best suits your business model.

Through the use of infrared technology, the machine doesn’t have to be touched by glasses or pitches. This, in turn, helps cut down on potential concerns regarding hygiene and cleaning.

Ice-O-Matic Pricing

In terms of pricing, we’ve chosen one of Ice-O-Matic’s best to help you understand your choices. If you also wish to consider our other models, we welcome you to compare prices and see what we have on offer.

Ice O Matic ICEU220FA ICE Maker

The Ice-O-Matic Countertop Nugget Ice Maker (GEMD270A) is priced at an average of $4,200. In terms of pricing, this places the model in the center of the pack of our top-tier, compact models. The most comparable model we offer is perhaps the Scotsman Countertop Ice Dispenser (HID540A-1), which itself sits at an average of $5,900.

While pricing isn’t everything, this means this option is competitive in that regard. Combined with its feature list, we can firmly say there’s a reason we choose to carry the Ice-O-Matic line.

If this model is outside your pricing range but you’re still interested in an Ice-O-Matic model, you have a few options. First, you could see about renting or leasing. Alternatively, you could take a look at some of the under-counter models we also sell, including the Ice-O-Matic Undercounter Ice Maker.

We’re also set up to help facilitate any further pricing questions you may have regarding things like servicing. If you want help getting a firm answer on what your ice machine may cost, just fill out our form. We’ll get you a quote and help answer any questions you have.

We’ve also put together a few questions to consider when choosing between these two models (and any others we offer). Figuring out the answers to these should help guide you to the Ice-O-Matic that best suits you.

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How Much Ice Does Your Business Need?

It’s estimated that the average customer will require between 1 to 5 pounds of ice. That metric is imprecise and, of course, will vary depending on things like weather and the nature of an event, but it makes for a good starting point.

Ice-O-Matic 250 lbs ice maker

Some establishments, such as bars and hotels, can expect to be on the high end of that scale. Others, like cafeterias, will notice their ice needs remain fairly low. The longer a customer will be around, the more ice they generally will be using.

With these facts in mind, you have a good metric to determine what sort of ice machine you may want to aim for. Simply put, more customers means you’ll need more ice.

Purchasing an inadequate ice machine means either you’ll be unable to provide customers with ice or purchase a second model. If you’re purchasing two ice machines, you’re rarely going to save. Even if their total cost may be lower than one more efficient machine, you also have to consider things like maintenance, power consumption, and space.

Is the Model Clean and Durable?

Ice-O-Matic ice makers are almost universally durable and easy to clean. Externally, they’re either stainless steel or polyethylene, both corrosive and scratch-resistant.

Ice o Matic Ice-O-Matic CIM0430FA:B40PS

Ice-O-Matic makes fantastic commercial-grade products. They’re designed to take a rather immense workload and to keep on functioning. With proper care, they should work for years with virtually no issue.

The polyethylene foam used is their design also is fingerprint-proof. One of the banes of the service industry is that even genuinely clean products often can look dirty if a machine has a smudge or fingerprint on it. By using plastic in key locations, Ice-O-Matic machine can help to cut down on this issue.

Overall, maintenance should not be a major concern either. If you do have any issues, Ice-O-Matic also offers a tool to help find services in your area on their website. All you need to do is put in your zip code and you’ll see who nearby can help service your machines.

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What Kind of Ice Do You Need?

This may seem like an odd consideration as most clientele don’t think about ice. However, it’s an important consideration for any business that wishes to establish itself as having high standards. Customers notice good ice, even if they don’t think about it.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

The Ice-O-Matic model we discussed produces pearl ice. This ice is often described as “chewy,” meaning it gives and won’t hurt the teeth of anyone eating it. On top of that are all the positives we already discussed, namely that it is excellent for cooling drinks without diluting them.

While it’s easy for a business to underestimate ice if customers don’t talk about it, this is the wrong way to approach ice. Ice should generally be a neutral experience. Customers should primarily be appreciating their cold drinks.

The more invasive ice is, the more it crunches or dilutes drinks, the worse the experience. Then the customer may notice the ice you’ve used. The model we’ve discussed helps avoid this outcome.

Which Model Should You Choose?

With all of the above in mind, the Ice-O-Matic model that best suits your business will come down to capacity. The model we highlighted, the Ice-O-Matic Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, shines in that regard.

Among its many valuable features:

  • It is both durable and easy to clean.
  • It produces high-quality ice suited to a discerning clientele
  • Its capacity is high enough that it should suit all but the busiest locations

Not every business needs a higher capacity model. If your business caters to a smaller number of customers or otherwise doesn’t need much ice, you may not need one of Ice-O-Matic’s higher capacity models.

If your business sees dozens of customers a day, then you should consider the Ice-O-Matic Countertop Nugget Ice Maker. It should suit almost any business’ needs, doubly so if you are supplementing your it with a second piece of ice-making equipment.

Buy, Rent, and Lease with Ice Maker Depot

At Ice Maker Depot, we can offer Ice-O-Matic ice makers at competitive pricing. Whatever your ice maker needs, we’ve got you covered. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in Ice-O-Matic makers but want to compare them to other models, we offer plenty of other brands too.

Ice-O-Matic EF250A38S Air Cooled 400 Lb Flake Ice Undercounter Ice Machine

If purchasing outright seems expensive, our company also offers the option to rent and lease machines. All you need to do is navigate to the Rent, Lease, or Own tab on our site and choose the option you’re most interested in.

We discuss different brand ice makers, tips for maintaining ice makers, and plenty more! You deserve to get the most out of whatever machine you end up deciding on.

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