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If you need a new ice maker for commercial use, then you can’t miss this guide to the top Igloo ice makers with the key details of each.

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With so much supply available, this is a great time to purchase an igloo ice machine for those businesses lucky enough to still be operating. You can use this site to get quotes on various brands ice makers.

It is very likely these companies are still feeling the decline in business. As such, they may be considering smaller countertop models—like those made by Igloo—as opposed to large, bulky models of the past.

Igloo Ice Maker

With any equipment purchase for your business, it is important to look for a brand with a great reputation. This way, you know the product will be reputable and perform well for years to come.

Igloo ice makers make a solid line to fit the bill. Their smaller commercial ice makers certainly live up to their decades-long reputation.

Keep reading to learn more about which igloo ice maker models might be the best fit for your business.

What Should I Look for in Commercial Ice Makers?

As any business owner knows, commercial ice makers certainly are not cheap. However, as with any equipment they are an investment in your business. They can really up the guest experience.

Igloo Stainless Ice Maker ICE115

There are some key elements to look out for when shopping for commercial ice makers to ensure your money is well-spent.


This is one of the most important factors in this decision. How much ice will the unit produce? How much ice storage does the unit offer?

Of course, you want to be sure the ice maker fits the needs of your business. But you also do not want to purchase something too large—and thus, too expensive—for your operation.


This is another key consideration when shopping for commercial ice makers. How much space will the unit take up? How heavy is it? Will it be easy to move around if need be?

Igloo Portable Ice Maker ICE102c White

These questions will really depend on the nature of the business, and what the ice machine will be used for.

For more versatile options, looking for a smaller unit may fare better. For less of a focus on portability and more of a focus on production, larger units will be better.


Is it sleek? Will it look bulky or awkward in my space? Especially with a countertop model, the ice maker will be in plain sight of your staff and your guests.

Furthermore, you want to review all the bells and whistles that come with the unit. If it is overloaded with features you will not use, it will likely result in overpaying for the product.

Igloo ICE102-RED-COM-250x300

Look for a model that will be functional, blend in with the rest of your equipment, and not monopolize any precious counter space.

Furthermore, the design should be optimal for keeping the unit clean. The more crevices and hard-to-reach places in the unit mean the less likely it will be cleaned thoroughly. This is a very important consideration when selecting commercial ice machines.


When making an equipment purchase for any business, durability is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Will this unit be a good investment? Will the product last for years? Is it reliable?


If the unit does need servicing, will it be difficult to find parts?

Ice Production Speed

Can the unit produce enough ice to satisfy my needs? Is it going to overproduced more ice than I will ever need?

An adequate ice production speed will really depend on the needs of your individual operation. But again, purchasing a unit that will produce more ice than needed for your business will result in a larger price tag than necessary.

Ease of Use

Is it simple to operate? Is it too complex, where I will have to consult an expert often?

Are there enough options? Are there too many?

Igloo ICEC33SB

Especially in the midst of a busy rush, finding a unit that is easy to use can be a real game-changer.

Other Considerations

In addition to the cost of the unit itself, you must factor in the costs of energy and water as well. Of course, this will vary on the size and design of the ice maker.

There are also maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning costs to factor in. Given concerns surrounding the COVID pandemic, there is even more of a focus on cleaning and sanitizing as much as possible.

Plus, in the event of a bad water outbreak, there are many required steps that need to be taken to effectively sanitize your machine. With larger or bulkier ice makers with many features, this can be more difficult to keep up with.

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Commercial Ice Makers in Action

There is a demand for commercial ice makers in nearly every industry. Some common examples include:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/motels
  • Gyms/fitness centers
  • Marine
  • Offices
  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Though the Igloo ice maker models tend to be smaller than some of their industry counterparts, they may be just the right size for certain operations. Not every company needs to spend large amounts of money on a hefty ice maker if this does not fit their needs.

Plus with COVID still wreaking havoc on the hospitality industry, many businesses that routinely use ice makers are experiencing a decline in operations.

Even in locations that are experiencing greater service than usual (like hospitals or grocery stores), multiple portable units may serve a better purpose than one large machine.

As such, smaller ice machines may just be the better option.

Consider an Igloo Ice Maker for Your Business

As with any equipment purchase, a reliable name can go a long way.

The Igloo name is synonymous with high-quality cooling.

Many people associate the brand with their classic, timeless coolers for personal use. But they also have a commercial side to the business, held up to the same standards of quality.

They are reliable and carry a brand name you and your customers can trust.

Plus, Igloo is an American company based in Katy, Texas—so support and service should not be difficult to come by if needed.

Types of Igloo Ice Makers

Igloo makes several models of countertop commercial ice makers that could be a good option for your operation.

These models are sleek and pleasing to the eye, in addition to their production power. Though smaller than traditional standalone ice machines, they can still pack a punch in terms of ice production and ease of use.

Not to mention, these countertop models provide ease of use and portability that larger models cannot offer. They would fit well in smaller operations, like smaller restaurants or curb stores.

They can also be beneficial for providing multiple smaller ice stations scattered throughout your space. Especially with the effort to reduce crowding and allow for social distancing, these models can be a great solution to reduce lines.


The ICE103 model is a popular option for Igloo ice makers.

This unit can produce up to 26 pounds of ice daily and features three different options for ice cube size. The ice is produced quickly, with batches completed in as little as six minutes. There is also a 2.2 lb bucket to store extra ice until you are ready to use it.

igloo ice103 ice machine

This model is easy to set up, and simple to use. It is only 25 lbs, making it easy to carry and very portable.

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Similar to the ICE103, this unit is another compact igloo ice maker for your business.

This unit also has a production cycle of fewer than six minutes, and can also produce 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours. There are three options for ice cube size.

igloo ice105 ice machine

The storage capacity of this unit is a bit smaller. The ice bucket has a capacity of 1.5 lbs at a time.

This unit may be a better option for the inside of a hotel room, by the pool, or for smaller event spaces. It provides a great service to your guests, without taking up too much space or keeping an unpleasant hum going on through the background.

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This model is similar to the aforementioned units, as it also produces 26 lbs of ice per day. However, this model only has two different options for ice cube size.

igloo ICE102ST ice machine

This unit really pulls its own weight when it comes to storage capacity. The ice storage bucket in this model is much larger than its counterparts. The ICE102ST model can hold up to 105 lbs of ice.

This may be a good option if you still want to keep a lower profile for the machine itself but want the option to make use of a large amount of ice when needed.

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How to Pick an Igloo Ice Maker for Your Operation

With the different options depending on your business needs, the Igloo brand really provides a wealth of options for smaller, countertop commercial ice makers.

To speak to a representative and request a quote for Igloo ice makers, contact the experienced professionals at Ice Maker Depot today.

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