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Scotsman ice makers add many benefits to a commercial property. This guide explains everything you need to know before you buy Scotsman ice makers.

Looking for a commercial ice maker for your business? If so, you should give some consideration to Scotsman ice makers.

Scotsman Commercial Ice Makers

Scotsman is one of the most reputable ice maker manufacturers on the planet. In business since the 1950s, it has always been at the forefront of ice maker innovation and technology.

Curious as to what Scotsman has to offer? Here are your options.

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What Kind of Ice Makers Does Scotsman Have to Offer?

Scotsman offers a wide variety of commercial ice makers. Not only do they manufacture a number of different models but a number of different types as well. These include:

Scotsman Cube Ice Makers

Scotsman has a large selection of cube ice makers. These ice makers are beneficial in businesses of all types but are commonly found in restaurants and hotels. They create ice cubes as opposed to ice nuggets or flaked ice.

Scotsman CU3030SA-32 Prodigy Undercounter 30 Wide

Scotsman’s best cube models include the following.

  • BC0530 Big Cube – Scotsman’s premier modular cube ice maker is the CB0530 Big Cube. This machine produces large cubes that melt slowly, making it perfect for establishments in which drinks are commonly served. Producing 108 full cubes every 30 minutes, it’s made out of heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Prodigy Plus Series – The Prodigy Plus Series comes with a wide variety of models, each of which offers something different in terms of production and automation. This series is lauded for its special features, which include everything from LED light monitors to ice production sensors and more.
  • CU Series – The CU series consists of under-counter cube ice makers. There are several options available, with each offering unique size and production characteristics. If you’re looking to fit something into close quarters, these are the models you should check out.
  • Prodigy Plus Eclipse Series – The Prodigy Plus Eclipse series is known for its quiet operation. These cube ice makers are great for customers in restaurants, as they don’t disturb the eating environment. With a variety of options available, there’s sure to be one you enjoy.

Scotsman Nugget Ice Makers

If you’re looking for more chewable ice, you should consider one of Scotsman’s nugget ice makers. Nugget ice is smaller is more malleable than cubed ice. It works well not only in drinks and food items but for therapeutic purposes as well.

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Scotsman’s best nugget models are:

  • Prodigy Plus Series – The Prodigy Plus Series doesn’t just cover ice cube production; it also covers ice nugget production. If you’re looking for a modular nugget ice maker that’s energy-efficient, easy to clean, and technologically advanced, the Prodigy Plus Series will serve you well. It offers a variety of options.
  • NME1854 – If your goal is to produce as many ice nuggets as possible in as little time as possible, you should turn to the NME1854. This ice maker can produce over 2,000 pounds of ice nuggets in under 24 hours. A modular ice maker, it possesses shutdown features that enable you to fix small problems before they become big problems.
  • UN Series – Scotsman also offers under-counter nugget ice makers. These are part of the UN series and come in a variety of heights and sizes.

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Scotsman Flake Ice Makers

Scotsman offers a wide variety of flake ice makers as well. Flake ice makers produce small, irregularly-sized chunks of ice. This ice is soft, slow-melting, and great in beverages and desserts.

Scotsman Ice Machines

Some of the best flake ice makers offered by Scotsman include:

  • Prodigy Plus Series – Scotsman’s premier flake ice makers exist within the Prodigy Plus series. These modular ice makers are technologically advanced, offering LED indicator lights, ice production controls, and on-screen operational warnings. In addition, they’re exceedingly easy to store and can be placed in even the tightest of quarters.
  • FME2404 Flaker – Another great modular ice maker from Scotsman is the FME2404 Flaker. This large ice maker can produce up to 2,400 pounds of ice in just 24 hours. Possessing automatic shut-off capabilities, this ice maker intuitively prevents small problems from turning into big problems.
  • UF Series – If you’re looking for an under-counter flake ice maker, you should give some consideration to the UF Series. This series consists of 4 different ice makers, each of which possesses a different size and differing functional capabilities. Made out of corrosion-resistant and heavy-duty aluminum alloy, these ice makers are built to last for decades.

Scotsman Ice Dispensers

Ice dispensers enable you to drop cubed ice straight into cups and other receptacles. Compact and easy to store, they work terrifically in restaurants, hotels, and offices alike.

Scotsman Ice Makers

Scotsman offers a wide variety of ice dispensers, including the following.

  • iceValet – The first Scotsman ice dispenser we’ll discuss is the iceValet. The iceValet comes in two types, the first of which can store up to 120 pounds of ice at once, and the second of which can store up to 180 pounds of ice at once. Designed for use in motels, hotels, and resorts, this ice maker is durable, easy to clean, and easy to use.
  • Meridian Series – Looking for an ice dispenser that can dispense both water and ice? If so, Scotsman’s Meridian Series will serve you well. These ice dispensers are touch-free, allowing you to fill up cups and trays in the most sanitary manner possible. Made out of heavy-duty steel and plastic, these work terrifically in breakrooms, hospitals, and other such locations.
  • ID Series – If you’re searching for a simple ice dispenser to use in your restaurant or break room, the Scotsman ID series will accommodate you. Scotsman provides 3 dispensers in this series, the first of which can hold 150 pounds of ice at once, the second of which can hold 200 pounds of ice at once, and the third of which can hold 250 pounds of ice at once.

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What Types of Establishments Can Best Benefit from Scotsman Ice Makers?

Though any commercial enterprise could take advantage of the functionality of Scotsman ice makers, some establishments can benefit from them more than others. These establishments include:


Do you run a restaurant? If so, there’s no doubt that a Scotsman ice machine can benefit you. Whether you need a large ice maker to keep in your kitchen, an under-counter ice maker to put under your bar, or a customer-facing ice maker to put in your dining room, the Scotsman brand has you covered.

Scotsman CU1526MA Prodigy Self-Contained Undercounter Ice Machine, Air Condenser 150 lb. Production 80 lb. Storage

These machines are built for heavy use and can incur substantial amounts of wear and tear. So, regardless of what they’re subjected to, they’ll help to keep your restaurant operational.


Every hotel floor needs an ice maker, every hotel kitchen needs an ice maker, and every hotel restaurant needs an ice maker. Hotels are havens for commercial ice makers, and Scotsman ice makers are equipped to fit the bill.

Coming in a variety of sizes and styles, these ice makers can suit essentially any purpose a hotel can throw at them.

Grocery Stores

Scotsman ice makers can also be of great benefit to grocery stores. Whether you need a customer-facing ice maker to facilitate self-serve beverages or need a large ice maker to help keep things cool in the deli, Scotsman has a machine for you.

As was noted above, they offer cube, nugget, flake, and dispenser models. These suit a variety of production and style needs.


Every workplace needs a break room, and every break room could be improved with the help of an ice maker. Whether you want to provide cubed ice for employees to use in their beverages or nuggets of ice for employees to chew on throughout the day, Scotsman can accommodate you. Commercial Ice Makers by Scotsman

They have ice makers of all sizes and styles. Whether you want to fit a medium-sized ice maker underneath a counter, place a small ice maker on top of a counter, or put a large ice maker in the corner of the room, Scotsman has you covered.


Hospitals are huge buildings containing hundreds or thousands of patients and employees. As such, they have a fairly high need for ice makers. Not only do the breakrooms in hospitals need ice makers but so too do the kitchens.

Scotsman Logo

Whether you need a module ice maker, an ice dispenser, or otherwise, Scotsman can accommodate you.

Scotsman Ice Makers Are Some of the Best in the Business

When it comes to the best ice makers in the business, Scotsman ice makers are right toward the top of the list. This company offers all of the ice makers discussed above, in addition to many more. If you’re searching for durability and functionality at a respectable price, Scotsman has you covered.

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