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Ice Maker Depot can help you Buy Or Rent Affordable New / Used Ice Makers Ice maker solutions for offices, hotels, motels, restaurants, and more. Save as much as 28%. Free delivery and a wide selection a big name brands to chose from. Quality ice makers from brands like Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, Follet, Igloo, and more. From undercounter to large ice dispensers we have the best price.

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How Much Do Ice Machines Cost in Lexington?

Ice machines in Lexington cost between $1,750 – $4,200. Typical delivery time is in 1-2 business days if you are within 40 miles of the local ice machine dealer.

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Types of Commercial Ice Makers – Compare Price and Save (Chart)

Type Description Ice Output
Modular Stackable Units 200 lbs to 1900 lbs per day, depending on unit
May include storage bin, water dispenser, and/or soda dispenser
Typical widths: 22″, 30″, or 48″ inch units
Under Counter Self-Contained Unit 350 lbs per day, sometimes more, depending on unit
Combo ice maker/storage bin
Can fit under countertop
Countertop Smaller than modular or under counter units Up to 400 lbs per day
High ice output
Most common form is nugget ice


Lexington Commercial Ice Machines From The Best Brands

  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Hoshizaki
  • Kold-Draft
  • Little Giant
  • Scotsman
  • Follett
  • Manitowoc

Ice in capacity range from 100 lbs to 1,500 lbs. Over 250 serving vessels for cups or buckets make it easy to get to best ice machine for your business.

Calculate How Much Ice For Your Lexington Business (Chart)

Application Daily Usage 100 Customers 250 Customers 500 Customers 1000 Customers 1500 Customers
Restaurant 1.5 lbs ice per head 180 lbs 450 lbs 900 lbs 1800 lbs 2700 lbs
Bar 3 lbs ice per person 360 lbs 900 lbs 1800 lbs 3600 lbs 5400 lbs
Water Glass 6 oz ice per 12 oz glass 45lbs 113 lbs 225 lbs 450 lbs 675 lbs
Salad Bar 35 lbs ice per cubic foot
Beverage Only 5 oz ice per 7-10 oz cup 38 lbs 94 lbs 188 lbs 375 lbs 563 lbs
Guest Ice 5 lbs per hotel room 600 lbs 1500 lbs 3000 lbs 6000 lbs 9000 lbs
Hotel Catering 1 lb per person 120 lbs 300 lbs 600 lbs 1200 lbs 1800 lbs
Patient Ice 10 lbs per person 1200 lbs 3000 lbs 6000 lbs 12000 lbs 18000 lbs
Cafeteria 1 lb per person 120 lbs 300 lbs 600 lbs 1200 lbs 1800 lbs


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Lexington is a jewel of Kentucky, where the economy thrives on diverse manufacturing and technological sectors. The city’s most popular annual event takes place in June with an eclectic lineup featuring bluegrass music from all around as well as Broadway-style performances that are sure to leave you singing for more!

You deserve the best ice maker for your business. Ice Maker Depot will help you find high-quality, top-brand equipment that can meet any need and budget. Clean iced water is always important when attending a hotel or restaurant so it’s important to have an adequate ice machine on hand at all times in order to keep up with demand!

You are in need of an ice machine and don’t want to spend a lot upfront? Consider leasing one instead. The monthly payments will be affordable, and there is no large initial investment needed, and you get top-of-the-line equipment at the best possible price!

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People love ice and they love ice cream—Americans eat over 23 pounds of ice cream every year! What other than the word ice do these two have in common?

You use a machine to make both!

We can’t help much with ice cream machines, but if you’re shopping for commercial ice makers in Lexington, KY, you’ve come to the right place. This short post talks about ice makers and what to look for when buying one for your business establishment.

Commercial Undercounter Ice MachineThe Different Types of Commercial Ice Machines

Ice makers for businesses come in 3 main types and one that’s a combination.

Modular Machines

Modular styles come in two pieces. You’ll get the ice machine and the ice bin. Depending on capacity, a modular commercial ice maker can produce anywhere from 250 lbs. to over a ton of ice each day.

Undercounter Ice Machine

An under-counter machine will fit seamlessly into your workspace. They make and store the ice in the same unit, but don’t usually have the high capacity of modular machines.

Countertop Ice Maker

As you might imagine from the name, this ice machine offers a compact solution for making ice. Despite their minimal footprint, they can dispense several hundred pounds of ice each day.

Combination Ice Maker and Water Machine

Another countertop solution but these machines pull double duty. They’re small but mighty as they can produce large quantities of both ice and cold water.

Next, we’ll look at where you’ll most likely find these machines.

Who Uses Commercial Ice Makers?

A fresh supply of ice makes a huge difference when your establishment serves water, juices, or soft drinks. You’ll find commercial ice makers in both full-service and quick-service restaurants. Grocery stores and markets use them as well.

Bars and lounges always have an ice machine. Another type of bar owner uses ice makers—the one who owns a smoothie bar.

Healthcare facilities also use ice machines for both patients and visitors.

If you’re a Lexington food establishment owner or manage food for a hospital, you need an ice machine!

Commercial Ice Maker Features

Buying commercial ice makers means knowing what features will best serve your establishment.

Calculate how much ice you need and add a buffer of 20%. Make sure the machine isn’t too large, otherwise you risk higher water and energy bills.

Different ice makers produce different types of ice. Cube ice works well for drinks, especially cocktails because it melts slowly. Nugget ice, usually found in healthcare facilities, melts slowly but it’s also easy to chew.

If you buy a modular machine, make sure you choose an ice bin that can hold just a bit more than what you can use in 24 hours.

These are only a few features of these workhorses, but you have a great start in knowing what to look for!

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Now that you know a bit more about the different types of commercial ice makers available for businesses and what to look for when you’re in the market for one, you can buy with confidence.

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