The Different Types of Commercial Ice for Your Hotel

The history of ice is fascinating. Once upon a time, the stuff was tough to come by. Traders made voyages to destinations as far as the South Pole to import ice for domestic use.


Nowadays, commercial ice is expected to be available whenever it’s needed. To meet these expectations, hotels must be equipped to provide their guests with plenty of it. Therefore, your business must have the optimal commercial ice maker that fulfills all of your needs.

Modular Ice Machine

To purchase the best hotel ice machine, it’s essential to know about the various types of ice cubes. Each shape has its forte, so read on to discern which type of ice is ideal for your institution.

Why Is It So Important to Know About The Different Types of Ice Cubes?

Some ice cubes are best for practical uses like self-dispensing ice into buckets. Other cubes are made for more specific functions such as adding to the presentation of high-end liquor. The ice-to-water ratio, build, shape, and melt rate of each ice form determine when to use what kind.

Regular Ice Cubes

To kick things off, let’s talk about trusty regular cubes.

This is a more common type of ice cube and for good reason. They are cube-shaped, have a sturdy build, and contain a 100% ice-to-water ratio. Regular cubes melt gradually and have a larger size when compared to other types of ice cubes.

These traits make regular cubes a good fit for commercial sites such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. Less ice is needed to keep drinks, food, machines, or other items cold due to the bigger size and longer melt time. If your business needs high volumes of ice, regular cubes should be considered.

Half Ice Cubes

Half cubes are similar to full cubes in terms of shape and build, but they are a more convenient size for tasks such as filling a bag with ice. However, their smaller size does mean they’ll melt quicker. They have a 100% ice-to-water ratio, and they are great for cooling without watering down too fast.

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Half cubes may be the most comprehensive form of commercial ice, as their application covers a wide range. They can be used to cool drinks in bar or restaurant settings. They are also easy to self dispense and applicable to convenience stores and hotels.

Crescent Commercial Ice

Nothing works as well as crescent ice when it comes to filling up a glass. The half-moon pattern of its cubes allows this type to spread apart and fully fill spaces. Crescent ice also features a hardy build, a high ice-to-water ratio, and a slow melt rate.

This form is optimal to use with drinks because of its noteworthy ability to evenly displace liquid, allowing a smooth flow. In light of these qualities, crescent ice is an appropriate choice for restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Nugget Cubes or Pebble Ice

Nugget ice is considered a fan favorite for ice chewers.

The characteristics of nugget ice are easy to spot. Its bite-sized shape is soft to chew on, yet still tough enough to dispense. It melts quickly, yet cools drinks effectively and is a great choice for blended beverages such as smoothies.

This type of commercial ice applies to food service settings, convenience stores, hotels, and medical facilities. It tends to take in the flavor of the beverage it’s mixed into, melts easily in the mouth, and is great to give patients to chew.


Gourmet Ice Cubes

This type of ice is unique due to its shape. Generally, gourmet ice takes a cylindrical or octagonal form, complete with a sturdy frame, long melt time, and an ice-to-water ratio of 100%.

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The particular shapes of gourmet ice go well with fancier settings. It is the perfect pairing for upscale liquors and cocktails. High-end hotels, bars, and dining venues will find gourmet ice to be the perfect fit, as these cubes are both stylish and functional.

Flake Ice

Have you ever looked at food displays in grocery stores and wondered what that snow-like substance is? It’s flake ice!

Flake ice is malleable and can chill items quickly and keep them cold. Its ice-to-water ratio is around 30% less than other cubes. These unique traits make flake ice a go-to choice for buffets and food displays.

It’s common to spot flake ice at grocery stores, fish markets, and medical facilities. It may melt quickly, but it’s the best kind of commercial ice for fragile applications due to its soft texture.

Find The Right Hotel Ice Maker For You

No matter what your hotel needs, there is a form of commercial ice that will satisfy any requirement. If your in-house restaurant has a classy ambiance, gourmet ice cubes will elevate the customer dining experience. If your hotel desires to supply guests with ice that will last a long time, regular cubes or crescent ice will do the trick. If your hotel serves buffets often, flake ice is ready to work.

Finding the right commercial ice machine does not have to be overly difficult. Consider where and how you use ice, determine what kind of ice cube can best fit your needs, and compare the different ice makers that can get the job done.

Your business can save money by purchasing the best commercial ice maker available. The Ice Maker Depot can easily compare ice machine prices and ensure you find the best deal with ease. Don’t stay frozen- request a quote on commercial ice makers now.